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We are one of the largest distributors for Snow Performance Boost Cooler systems. We've been helping automotive and truck enthusiasts for years on the huge benefits of a Water/Methanol Injection system from Snow Performance. We carry their full line of products for all makes and models of automobiles and trucks. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is N/A, nitrous assisted, supercharged or turbocharged we have a system for you. So if increases in Horsepower & Torque are benefits you want to enjoy, Just Spray It with Snow Performance.


Why Water/Methanol Injection?

In gasoline engines, as with any intercooler, this suppresses detonation so more power producing boost and timing can be utilized. Water, with its high latent heat of vaporization cools the intake charge and combustion. Methanol cools the charge and combustion but also acts like an extremely high octane fuel (some researchers claim as high as 120 octane) as well as adding more oxygen to combustion.

In diesels, the effects are unbelievable:

1. The intercooling effect provides for more available air and all the benefits of a higher positive pressure ratio (more power giving fuel can be utilized safely without high combustion temperatures).

2. The combustion of water provides for more power on the power stroke.

3. Methanol acts as an additional fuel for more power.

4. Water/methanol is practically an add-on-and-go system for diesel applications. Just adjust your flow rate to give you enough flow without inducing quench.

5. Lower Nox and Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT)

6. Increase fuel economy

7. For the 4th time.......More Horsepower and Torque

Benefits of Water/Methanol Injection:

1. The ability to run more total timing or boost.

2. Cooler inlet air temperatures.

3. No need for expensive race gas.

4. Reduces carbon buildup from combustion chambers, pistons and rings.

5. Eliminate power robbing detonation and much more.

Recent News
03/18/14 Snow Performance 2014 Mustang Makes 627 Rear-Wheel Horsepower
Snow Performance's 2014 GT-500 made 627 RWHP on pump gas (without water-meth). The result is up from 583 RWHP in bone stock form. The testing was done at Colorado Speed Company's Superflow dyno...
Article Four
12/30/13 Do Not Purchase From Unauthorized Dealers
The following dealers are inconsistent with Snow Performance's MRP/MAP policies and are not authorized to sell or distribute Snow Performance products.
Article Four
4/12/13 5.0 Mustang magazine "Water-methanol Injection Isn't Just For Boosted Cars"
In the March 2013 issue, 5.0 Mustangs magazine answers the question of whether water-methanol injection works in a new, non-boosted Mustang.
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4/10/13 Diesel World Magazine Shows How-to make Power from Water in a new 6.7L Power Stroke
Read how Diesel World Magazine got 70+ hp in a new 6.7l Ford Power Stroke! See the special installtion required on the 6.7L Power Strike - all here!
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11/05/12 Snow Performance goes 283mph!
Snow Performance goes 283mph
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10/18/12 14.5:1 on 93 Pump Gas and the Boost Cooler!
Mike Moran Mike Horan's 1969 Road Runner Sox & Martin Replica
runs 14.5:1 compression.
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